‘Wild Flight’ by Elizabeth Russell

The Fairy Tale Blog

Once upon a time, you loved me with a sacred love.

You took my shaking hand in yours and led me to the fields of wild birds.

The birds nested in the long, still grasses that only waved when we passed through,

but we disturbed them with our tread and about our heads they flew.

In tumult and splendor and high, shrill calling

they up and in, and in and out, and rising, whirling, falling.

Your hand upon my arm, with vibrant, strong delight,

tightened hold when in surprise, the wild birds took flight.

And soaring ‘bove to the blue-gray sky, I felt your heart wing from your chest,

For intertwined and interknitted are our two beating breasts.

Higher, higher, ascending, soaring, your flight up to the clouds,

and with a wrench my own heart followed, soaring after yours.

Our heads were tilted to the sun, and with a sweep…

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