‘The Spirit of the Age’ by Elizabeth Russell

The Fairy Tale Blog

Once upon a time, a young lad dreamt of a beautiful princess who was scared and lost in a forest. When he awakened, he was haunted by the memory. He tumbled out of bed, went to his desk, and recorded the dream before his mother called him down to go to school. As he grew, he often saw the face of the princess in the glowing blue eyes of one of his schoolmates, or the glistening blond hair of another. He never saw all of her at once, but every girl reminded him of her in some way. He was positively captivated.

The other boys would often point and stare at him, and jest about how ‘romantic’ and ‘silly’ he was, but they secretly envied him. He was so courtly and respectful to all the girls that every one of them, whether she was beautiful, stately, talented, intelligent, or popular…

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