The End of Rebels — and the 1 Disappointment from Dave Filoni

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I’m going to take a break today from my usual topics to talk about the ending of one of my favorite TV shows, Star Wars Rebels!

Star-Wars-Rebels-Finale-SabineWith Kevin Kiner’s Season 2 soundtrack playing in the background, let’s settle in to discuss this masterpiece of Dave Filoni.

(Spoiler alert!)

My family watched the final three episodes last night, and my, what a finish! It lived up to all my expectations! –except in one thing…

The finale gave us a satisfying ending for each major player. It masterfully completed Ezra’s story arc – reminding us of why he’s fighting, what he’s lost and found, who he has become, and it even – bonus! – gave us his trials! (I honestly didn’t expect that) It brought all the themes together seamlessly – Sabine’s artwork, what they’re all fighting for, what makes it worthwhile to fight, the wolves and Purrgil, the owl painted on…

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