‘Snakes and Toads’ by Elizabeth Russell

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ppk26_exquisitex Every fairy is born with a special gift for the earth

The wind howled through the tree tops the dark morning I was born. It raged through our world and whipped fairies about pell-mell. My brother told me it was a sign. You see, I am a curse to my people. Every fairy is born with a special gift for the earth, and usually the gift is beautiful, but mine was terrible. From the very first moment that I opened my wee fairy mouth and cried a tiny cry, toads and snakes multiplied in our forest. I wept and wailed like any other child, and the toads and snakes bountifully infested the woods, and ate any fairies they found. By the time I was three years old, and accustomed to be shushed by everyone I knew, a third of my people had been consumed by my creations. And by theā€¦

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