‘Rose and the Prince’ by Elizabeth Russell

The Third Story in the Jack Saga

The Fairy Tale Blog

(While this story stands alone, it is also the third is a series. Read #1, Jack and the Princess here, and #2, Jack and Princess Rose here)

Once Upon a Time, the most beautiful princess in all the land was Princess Rose. And she was not only beautiful but absolutely good. Her main mission in life was to give food and clothing away to the poor, distributing it with her own hands to the dirtiest and most destitute of the citizens in the kingdom. Her father and mother, King Jack and Queen Miranda, were as proud as their citizens to have such a wonderful daughter. They believed she was wonderful on her own merit, but the people of the kingdom knew that she had been raised so by her parents, who were the holiest rulers the kingdom had been blessed with for time out of mind.

Yet it is impossible…

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