‘Jack and Princess Rose’ by Elizabeth Russell

The Sequel to Jack and the Princess

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Remember how Jack killed the Giant and saved the whole country from starvation? Remember how after that, he married the princess that he loved very much?

Well, this is what happened after…

Once upon a time, the kingdom flourished. In fact, it thrived. It was so happy that even the little junebugs sitting on the September flowers and dying from frost were happy. Life was that good.

But all good things must turn with fortune, and so it was that one mild mid-november morning, when the sun shone blithely upon the prosperous kingdom of Jack and Miranda, there came a great shaking in the ground and the sound of an earthquake. The sound came from a herd of savage bears that roared into the marketplace and upset all the stalls and peasants. Miranda had recently given birth to a little daughter named Rose. Her nurse had chosen that morning to take…

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