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I had never seen her in the bookshop before, but she looked like she had always been there. I almost didn’t notice her this time, and I thought, maybe I just missed her other times, like a spring flower you never saw before because you weren’t looking close enough. The straining light from the blue glass window glinted against her mousy brown hair, and silhouetted her sharp profile. Receding chin, jutting nose, and pursed lips…she was an introvert, I decided. And she probably doesn’t have any friends.

I didn’t mean that in a mean or debasing way, just an observation. In fact, she would probably grow up to be successful, outgoing, and confident – she had that look about her: in the intelligent stance of her casual legs and the carefree way she clasped her hands behind her back as she leaned in to squint closely at the titles before…

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