“Black and White” by Elizabeth Russell

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When a small child gazes with star-filled eyes to the universe beyond her little sphere, she sees briefcases filled with glittering treasure, vacations to exotic places whenever she pleases, and good, righteous people pitted and wrestling against corrupt, greedy, and evil, monolithic tyrants. child-562297_1920

She does not understand what is hidden away in the shiny, leather box bag, so she assumes it is something wonderful – perhaps even the key to understanding all of life! She believes the world is her playground, so who is to stop her from exploring it when she is no longer tied to mother’s apron strings? And finally, she knows that good people are great people – a good person would not work a mediocre job, and by far, they would never be lulled into working for something evil! They would recognize it – for evil’s is a frightening visage, and though the young child herself…

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