cropped-elizabeths_author_headshot.jpgDelve deep into the world of writing, and discover the magic of words! Claritas, unity, and harmony are the three ingredients of beauty, and it is this search for the perfect accompaniment that drives me every day to rise higher in my pursuit of words. Join me, and together we will praise God, creation, and humanity with sentences of sheer, aching beauty.


Monsters in the forest. Murders in the village. Eight children struggle to survive in a hostile world, seeking love amongst each other, and help from none. A story of love, hatred, and survival, Halfbreeds is a tale of epic portions.

In a village wrapped about with strange monsters and superstition, a new kind of child is born. Half-man half-monster, the villagers fear their own children and, turning against them, burn them at the stake. But a small band of resilient Halfbreeds escape their executioners and take up their home in the wild. In a desperate attempt to find their place in the world, these children question what it really means to be human. Purchase here.